Tuesday, 20 December 2016


RBH GROCERY PVT LTD. is dedicated to quality and continuous process improvement for both customer and Sahayak Mitra. Our responsibility is to ensure that through established standards and measurements, the level of quality at MKMU matches of exceeds our customers expectations.

We develop quality awareness through process improvements, training, measurements, and development of our employees.

Quality is an integral part of our commitment to world-class products and costumer service. Our quality process includes.

Verifying and validating both existing and new project functions. Researching improvements to add to the quality of our products.

Helping to define and improve our products through involvement with our Sahayak Mitra and our customers.

Conducting internal quality audits and management review for an ongoing evaluation and improvement of our quality system.

Our quality planning includes to oling and   process development, a product specific control plan, training plans and a training matrix for all Sahayak Mitra, and verification and validation of all products prior to being shipped to our customers.

Always Organic, Matural and Preservative Free....